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Freedom Funds USA is an Arizona based Non-Profit organization whose mission is to create a sustainable source of funding for veterans in need.


We here at Freedom Funds USA look to highlight local businesses and organizations throughout Arizona who exemplify superior veteran aid and customer service.


We believe that by creating a platform to identify the veteran related problems and issues at hand, we can UNITE ALL RESIDENTS of Arizona to challenge and conquer these issues together.

Join Us!

If you know of an organization or individual who is currently assisting veterans, let us know by leaving a message in the section below. We would love to reach out to connect and see how we might be able to assist in their mission of helping veterans in need.

Please include current contact information (Name, Phone, Email).

Our Team

Alexander Mock

Alexander Mock

President and Founder

Freedom Funds USA, INC. was founded by United States Army Infantryman, Alexander Mock. As a service orientated leader and Veteran Advocate Director at a local hospice in Tempe, Arizona, Alexander came to understand the need for extra support within the veteran community.

Freedom Funds USA, INC. was formed to help relieve the financial burden for veterans, as well as to provide the needed extra support for many business who have excelled and gone up and beyond for veteran care. Alexander understood that many times the issues in veteran care was not in the care itself, but rather the misallocation or improper use of the funds provided.

Alexander has based his life on the continued mission to serve others.
His ethos: DO MORE FOR OTHERS THAN YOU DO FOR YOURSELF. This is the foundation at Freedom Funds USA, INC.

Natalie Lamoreux

Natalie Lamoreux


Natalie comes to Freedom Funds USA with a vast background in organizational operations and management. Coming from a family with 11 veterans, many of which are active duty, Natalie’s heart and passion is to assist veterans in need.

Rebecca Giambrone

Rebecca Giambrone

       Winnie Fritz - MSN EdD NEA-BC/CNAA

Winnie Fritz - MSN EdD NEA-BC/CNAA

Veteran Advisor

Winnie Fritz has held positions as a CEO, Chief Clinical Officer, and Chief Nursing Officer in a variety of U.S. and international hospital and healthcare organizations including for-profit and not-for-profit care providers. Her experience also includes serving as the Director of International Healthcare Operations for HCCA Intl, where she has worked in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. She was employed by His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan as the Dean of a School of Nursing and later as a network Clinical Operations Officer (COO) for 28 hospitals. For her success in strategic and financial planning and in improved clinical performance in Jordan’s hospitals, she was awarded His Majesty’s Medal of Honor. Winnie was also recognized as a Chief Clinical Officer/CNO of the Year by Vanguard Health System and has been honored by U of MO with Alumni and Lifetime Citation of Merit Awards.

During her tenure as a nurse in the US Army, Winnie earned her pilot’s wings and held leadership positions in the U.S., Thailand, and Vietnam where her commendations included the Bronze Star. She has served as an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, University of Maryland, University of Missouri, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Currently, Winnie is the COO/Sr. V.P. of Clinical Operations and Services for HCCA Management, Nashville, TN. She works in the U.S. and in international hospitals & health systems in Africa and the Middle East to build, equip, and operate patient-centered healthcare facilities; to develop physician/staff/team competencies; AND to “innovate” – improving population health….while enhancing clinical, consumer/patient experience, staff engagement, and financial outcomes.

Brandon Cruz

Brandon Cruz

Veteran Advisor

Former Navy Seal Brandon Cruz has joined the Freedom Funds USA team as a Veteran Advisor!
His skills, Knowledge, and passion to help others are a critical asset to our organizations growth and future development.

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What We Do



Fundraising plays an integral role in raising awareness and funds to continue our mission of building and donating. We focus on twelve avenues of support and funding within the veteran community.                                                   

  1. Homeless
  2. Jobless
  3. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation 
  4. Senior Care
  5. Mental Health Counseling
  6. Physical Health/Rehabilitation 
  7. School/Educational Services
  8. Financial Services
  9. Food Services
  10. Arts
  11. Service Animals
  12. Leisure Activities 


Due to  the COVID19 outbreak, Freedom Funds USA, INC. has limited event capabilities. Please contact us with any questions or ideas on how we might be able to assist you.

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